Monday, 14 April 2014

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At SISA we encourage debate amongst supporters and always want to hear your views. We were sent the below article from SISA Member Gary Stansfield.

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Karl Oyston claims to be a business/finance man and not a football man. However, he has been the BFC football decision-maker by virtue of his negotiations with players/managers and, as such, is solely responsible for the club's relegation which is now inevitable. With managers with strong personalities such as Ian Holloway and Paul Ince, this was probably an effective working arrangement, but in deciding to turn to an inexperienced manager in Barry Ferguson (despite all his football knowledge) and ask him to right the catastrophic damage that had preceded the start of his tenure, was only ever going to end in tragedy. The withdrawal of the loan players at the end of December with no replacement until the end of January was particularly the BFC throat-slitter and as KO was the manager at the helm during all of this process, I am very clear that he alone should pay a penalty - ideally equivalent to that of any other organisational manager which had produced such a shambolic performance - get rid of him!!
However, all that is in the real world and the minimum that we must accept is that KO must acknowledge the errors of his management decisions and clearly communicate with his paying customers how he will rectify his errors. Again though, his track record suggests that KO's game plan will be to go into hiding until the furore dies down, albeit silencing himself and his son from resorting to the usual mockery and taunts of a very reasonable BFC fan base. KO must, therefore, be hounded until he at least agrees to the creation of a more open and transparent style by the club with it's fans including the production of a detailed, negotiated, agreed and produced Business Plan. Additionally, I believe that the appointment of an independent (i.e. not Sam!) Club Manager, that sits between himself and the next appointed football manager, who is solely responsible for all football, club and communication matters and overseeing the success of the Plan, has to be made immediately.

There is only one reason/person why we are rudderless after all!! UTP!!  

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